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LinSig3 Upgrade Course (for modelling individual junctions and networks)


This upgrade course is suitable for anyone who has previously used Version 2 of LinSig or would like to see the features of Version 3 in more detail.


The course will assume that delegates have a good understanding of LinSig - preferably Version Two.


All JCT courses are “Approved” or are pending “Approval” by the Institute of Highway Engineers and attendance is therefore recognised by the IHE and many other bodies as evidence of Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Courses are managed under a ISO9001 Quality Management System.

Course content

LinSig is a comprehensive design and modelling package for traffic signal junctions either individually or in a network of junctions. LinSig has been used throughout the UK since the mid 1980s and has consistently been the most widely used signal design software in the UK for over 20 years. Over this period LinSig has been extensively developed to stay at the forefront of traffic signal modelling.

LinSig3 takes the modelling of networks to a new high offering multiple signal controller modelling, traffic assignment, matrix estimation and the ability to combine single junction files into a single network. For junction modelling there is an improved facility for modelling short lanes, filters and right turns including the ability to model pedestrians giving pedestrian delays.

Whilst many LinSig users will attempt to learn Version Three by reading the software documentation, or even trial and error, the upgrade course allows the rationale behind many of the new features to be explained, best practice to be learnt and questions to be answered. The course is a lectured course rather than a practical workshop as this format allows the maximum number of new features to be introduced whilst keeping the course concise. Those requiring a longer more practically based computer workshop may like to consider the ‘LinSig3 Computer Workshop’.

Course Topics

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Differences in modelling Links / Lanes – e.g. Improved and simplified modelling of short lanes, filters and right turns.
  • Defining Junctions, Controllers and junction performance indicators.
  • Lane by lane traffic assignment.
  • Right turn blocking and lane usage.
  • Route journey Times.
  • Generating a ‘best fit’ traffic flow matrix from observed traffic counts.
  • Setting up Pedestrian Links and reviewing pedestrian delays.
  • How to merge LinSig junctions into a network.
  • Modify networks by banning turns or closing routes and use the assignment model to reallocate traffic and re-optimise the model.
  • Extra Graphical features and editing enhancements.

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Course schedule

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