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The 13th Symposium & Exhibition

Symposium papers

In 2008 we had quite a full and varied program of speakers and presentations as shown below. The Exhibition was also busy and benefitted from what turned out to be a very popular 'treasure hunt' that was introduced to stimulate interest in exhibitors' stands. You can read the TEC review of the 2008 symposium here

If you are interested in exhibiting then we are always keen to encourage new participants. Similarly, if you are interested in presenting a paper at the Symposium, please let us know. You will receive additional discount on the Symposium costs and we will be happy to give you as much (or as little) guidance as you need in terms of format and pitching your content at the right level.

The 2008 Symposium Programme

Inexpensive Pervasive Sensors for Traffic and the Environment Monitoring - Future Network Intelligence Prof Margaret C Bell CBE - Newcastle University
The Double Whammy - Climate Change and Peak Oil - how will it affect traffic control? Peter Bull - Sheffield City Council
Demonstrating WIMAX communications for UTMC - Findings of a SEEDA sponsored innovations trial in Reading Rob MacDonald
- Peter Brett Associates
The DTO Model Auditing Process (MAP) Nick Cottman - Transport for London
Safety evaluation of Compact MOVA traffic signal control Mark Crabtree - TRL Ltd.
Green Light for National Qualifications Nigel Lloyd - CamProf Consultants
Extending ELV to pedestrian controllers Keith Manston - Siemens
MOVA 6 - A technological leap forward for this established technology Andrew Hodge - Peek Traffic
Bus Priority - Are we on schedule? Ian Routledge - Ian Routledge Consultancy
The practical application of ANPR for journey time modelling in Essex Mark Bodger - Siemens, Liz Saville - Essex CC & Tom Siddall - Atkins
A comparison of MOVA and Fixed Time Control on a signalled roundabout Helen Simmonite - JCT Consultancy
The Use Of Controller Emulation And Modelling In Developing Complex Junction Control Strategies Martin Wylie - Southampton City Council
M6 J7 Integrated Traffic Management Alastair Gibson - Faber Maunsell
Black Arrows: What lessons can be learnt from the European implementation of arrow aspects? Alistair Gollop - Mott MacDonald
Coventry Primelines- Delivering the UTMC Vision. A Case Study of integrated ITS implementation Dave Hall - Peek Traffic
IHIE Professional Certificate in Traffic Signals Gafoor Din - Warwickshire CC & Judith Walker - IHIE
Controlling Emissions by Queue Relocation Pete Sykes - SIAS
Managing Traffic Control Information - The forgotten asset Peter Routledge - Ian Routledge Consultancy
Suffolk wide UTMC System - Connecting the on-street applications Kambiz Porooshasp - Faber Maunsell
New Guidance Paper for Signalised Roundabouts Colin Ridding - Mott MacDonald
Reducing the energy consumption and subsequent carbon footprints of traffic signals Martin Wylie - Southampton City Council
Paper tba Stuart Johnathon - Motus Traffic
MOVA User Group Update John Spence - JSTSM

2008's Exhibitors


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