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LinSig User Group & Main Roads Briefing Session (Australia, Perth) (A free full day)


Main Roads will be introducing their operational modelling guidelines and auditing process.  This will be followed by a tour of the Road Networks Operations Centre.  There will then be a LinSig User Group where attendees may seek guidance on the use of LinSig and have the opportunity to ask questions.  There will also be an overview of forthcoming developments including LinSig4.  

Who should attend

This full day is designed for existing users wishing to find out more about Main Roads, features in LinSig, provide feedback and learn about our future strategy for LinSig. Prospective users of LinSig are also welcome to attend.

Course content


09.00          Welcome and Introductions

09.15          Session 1: Mainroads’ Operational Modelling Guidelines and Auditing Process for Operational Modelling: Hannah Saunders

10.15          Refreshment Break

10.30          Tour of the Road Networks Operations Centre: Tony Earl

11.30          Session 2: Pre Submitted LinSig Modelling Questions: John Nightingale

Considered response to LinSig modelling scenarios and clarification of modelling parameters and functions as submitted prior to user group

12.45          Lunch

13.30          Session 3: Questions from the floor : John Nightingale

Option to seek clarification of modelling issues and raise specific scenarios

15.00          Refreshment Break

15:15          Session 4: Developments in LinSig (LinSig4) : John Nightingale

Introduction to new modelling concepts

Demonstration of the development version

Plenary on specific features and functionality required for the Australian and New Zealand modeling software (wish lists)

16.30          Close

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