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Online Australian LinSig User Group (A combination of basic training for new users and support for existing users)


This free to attend user group will consist of a two hour demonstration of how to build a basic LinSig junction model using a SCATS based controller. This is to give new users the opportunity to grasp the fundamentals of LinSig modelling. The demonstration will be followed by consideration of pre submitted questions and questions from the floor. Finally, training options will be discussed and the opportunity given to feedback on training requirements and preferred delivery mechanisms.





Who should attend

New and existing  LinSig3 Users with a current Software Support agreement. Initially (subject to demand) attendance will be limited to two delegates per organisation.


A current software support agreement

Course content

Australian Online LinSig User Group : Tuesday 21st July 2020

Start times : 

UK:  GMT +1  05.00AM

Western Australia:  AWST    12:00 noon

Northern Territory / South Australia:  ACST     13:30PM

New South Wales / Queensland:  AEST     14:00PM

Duration : 4.5 hours


Programme (AWST)

12.00 Welcome and Introduction

12.30 Session 1: Tutorial for new users

Step by step demonstration of building a single junction model with an overview of key input and output parameters and production of results. 

14.30 Comfort Break

14.50 Session 2: Pre Submitted LinSig Modelling Questions

Considered response to questions submitted in advance.

15.30 Session 3: Questions from the virtual floor

Option to seek clarification of modelling issues and raise specific scenarios.

16:15 Session 4: Training Requirements

Options for training and feedback on what training is required and preferred format.

16.30 Close

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