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LinSig3 Online Calibration and Validation (A lectured course with exercises)


This course covers commonly asked questions about how modellers should seek to calibrate and validate LinSig models to support their designs and submissions. It covers the differences between Calibration and Validation (often misunderstood) and goes through the Calibration process in detail. Topics covered include Basic Site Data, Traffic Flows, Signal Timings, Vehicle Behaviour, Demand Dependency and Blocking. With reference to guidance the Calibration sections examine the problems associated with Queue Surveys and Suppressed Demand and offers an insight into the circular Calibration / Validation process with demonstrations.

Who should attend

This course will appeal to experienced LinSig modellers and people involved in checking LinSig models. The course complements the LinSig Junction and LinSig Networks courses and the Checking course.


A prior knowledge of Traffic Signal Theory (which can be gained on the Introduction to Traffic Signals course) and an understanding of how LinSig works.


This new course is Pending "Approval" by the Institute of Highway Engineers

Course content

Introduction :

The difference between Calibration and Validation


Basic Site Data including Lane Structure, Short Lanes, Routing and Lane Changing, Controller Data

Traffic Flows including Turning Counts, Network Peaks, Matrix Estimation and Suppressed Demand

Vehicle Behaviour including Saturation Flows (with an exercise), Cruise Times, Give Way Capacities and Storage

Demand Dependency and Blocking including how to assess these and how to apply them to a LinSig3 model (with an exercise)


Parameters including Queues, Queue Surveys, Degrees of Saturation and Journey Times

Criteria including interpretation of data and correlation with results along with sources of error and advice

Addressing validation issues



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