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Course Cancelled

TOPAS 2500 Controller Specifications

London - venue tba  16.05.2019

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TOPAS 2500 Controller Specifications

London - venue tba

This course is a detailed examination of Controller Specification forms to allow Transport Modellers to extract accurate information for modelling and assist Traffic Signal Design Engineers in preparing Traffic Signal Controller Specifications. It is based on the TOPAS TR2500 Specification (formerly TR2210A/MCE0141) for microprocessor traffic controllers. Using a real world example the course takes delegates through an ITS1827D document considering all the elements which make up a Specification with theory breaks covering Phase Delays, Detection, Controller Logic, UTC, VA, CLF, Call Cancel Loops, Shuttle Working, SDE/SA, Hurry Calls, Priority/Emergency Modes, Pedestrian Linking and Cross Stream Linking.    

Course duration is 1 day

Starting on 16th May 2019

Ending on 16th May 2019

Course price is: £315 (exc. VAT)

Tutored by:

John Nightingale MSc(Eng), CEng FIHE MCIHT

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