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A free utility for saturation flow adjustments on flared signal approaches

LinSat is a program which evaluates the discharge profiles of traffic at a stop line for varying lane distribution and turning characteristics. It uses this information to produce an adjusted saturation flow profile for the stop line which takes into account such effects as blocking and lane under utilisation.

The adjusted saturation flow profile can be used in a number of other traffic modelling software such as LinSig and TRANSYT.

LinSat calculates:

  • A graphical display showing the saturation flow profile against the theoretic geometric envelope.
  • Equivalent flare lengths for the predicted profile to enable results to be remodelled in LinSig & TRANSYT.
  • The average saturation flow for any time period specified.

Obtaining LinSat

LinSat is free of charge and can be downloaded using the link below.

Further information on LinSat:


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