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Software Support Helpline

Helpline Telephone: (01522) 751010


Expert help & resources for users of JCT Software

Although our software is designed to be easy to use we recognise that it is still complex engineering software and it is inevitable users will have questions regarding the software and its use. The Software Support Helpline is designed to help answer these questions. We aim to provide a high-value service where you can directly speak to or email an experienced traffic or software engineer without call centre style automated menus or other common annoyances often found with less helpful helplines.

Before contacting us we recommend having a look at the FAQ page as this provides answers to many common questions regarding our software and may answer your query more rapidly. We would also recommend checking the version history in the Software Updates Section to check whether the problem has already been solved and a software update issued. We would generally advise having the latest version of our software installed unless the version history indicates an update is non-critical in your circumstances.

If the FAQs do not answer your question and you have a software support agreement for the product in question we encourage you to contact us so we can attempt to resolve your query. The Helpline includes advice on the use of our software and also basic design advice for schemes being designed using our software. A full consultancy service is available at additional cost if more in depth help is required.

We are happy to receive queries either by email to or by telephone on (01522) 751010 during the UK working day 9am-5pm. Your query will be reviewed either by a software or traffic engineer as appropriate and an answer given as soon as possible. When submitting a query regarding a specific model or file it is often useful to email us a copy of the file with a description of the problem so we can examine the model before replying by email or telephone as appropriate. The following information is also useful in diagnosing problems and it will help us provide you with a rapid answer if it is supplied with the initial query:

  • Full Version number of your JCT Software. This is displayed at the top of the software's main window or on it's 'Help...About...' menu.
  • Version of Windows being used including any service packs.
  • Does the problem always occur or only in certain circumstances.
  • Does the problem occur just on one PC or on more than one?
  • Your level of experience using the product in question. This helps to avoid us giving too simplistic or complex a reply.

Please note that although we will always try to help, especially with new users, our software are complex engineering tools and the helpline cannot be a substitute for a proper training course or experience of traffic signal design & modelling. Replies to queries will generally assume a reasonable basic level of traffic signal engineering knowledge.


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