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TranEd Reader

Detailed Features & Capabilities

The Reader provides the following features:

  • A Network Diagram showing the layout of nodes and links in the TRANSYT model.
  • Signal information displayed in a sensible modern-signals aware manner and also as TRANSYT cards.
  • Shows full information on intergreens allowing easy auditing.
  • The ability to view stages graphically and easily see the links running in each stage (similar to the  LINSIG Stage View but for links not phases).
  • Flexible graphical reporting of information.
  • New data displays showing queue lengths and traffic flow bandwidths.
  • A completely new Report Generator which produces reports in Rich Text Format (rtf), a format used by all common word processors such as MS Word and WordPerfect. The TranEd Reader can produce and print any report formats which have been pre-configured by a TranEd files author.
  • Network annotation can be included on the network diagram by the TranEd files author.
  • For traditional TRANSYT users the Reader can display the TRANSYT network as the underlying TRANSYT cards.
  • A signals animation view that shows each link as red or green as the signal sequence is animated.
  • Time-Distance diagrams showing the movement of traffic along pre-defined routes through the network.
  • Support for multiple traffic flow groups to allow for example the AM + PM Peaks to be defined in the same file and easily switched between.
  • Graphical depictions of the TRANSYT graphs.

Compared to the full version of TranEd, the Reader does not allow the following

  • New TranEd models cannot be created with the Reader.
  • Files cannot be saved.
  • No changes can be made to open TranEd files.
  • TRANSYT cannot be run from within the TranEd Reader.
  • TRANSYT format files cannot be imported or exported.
  • Graphics cannot be exported to DXF or saved to the clipboard.
  • Although reports pre-defined by a TranEd files author can be run, new report formats cannot be created.

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