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JCT Consultancy was established in 1989 to promote traffic signal training and consultancy alongside software development. Since release by the original company in 1985, the JCT LinSig software has been the UK industry standard for traffic signal assessment and design. Over this period JCT has built a reputation for innovation in traffic signal design, traffic modelling and network control, with signalled roundabouts being a particular area of expertise.

We offer a broad range of consultancy services all of which are carried out inline with our ISO-9001 accredited Quality Management System:

  • Expert Advice. JCT possess a unique and long-standing source of expertise in all traffic signal related matters.
  • Traffic Modelling. We provide modelling at very competitive prices using our own LinSig software or our very extensive experience of Transyt, Arcady and Picady, as well as microsimulation using Paramics.
  • Review, Audit, and MOT. We are ideally placed to review traffic models and advise on methods and corrections. We also provide formal auditing of junction modelling and concept designs, typically relating to transport assessments.
  • Concept Geometric Design. In association with our modelling services, we often produce concept geometric layouts for junctions. We have particular expertise in the geometric design of complex traffic signal junctions and small networks.
  • Signalled Roundabouts. We have long standing experience of this type of junction both on trunk roads and in urban areas. We can rapidly develop options using LinSig for both lane flow and signal capacity optimisation.
  • Problem Junctions. Many road networks include challenging or unusual junctions which severely constrain day to day operation. Our problem solving expertise has helped tackle many junctions of this kind.
  • Consultants. Our consultancy services are delivered by highly experienced traffic engineers.

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