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Review, Audit, and MOT

As the developers of LinSig, JCT delivers tailored LinSig checking and auditing services at a competitive price. Checking can be an informal process giving feedback to modellers and suggesting improvements or more formal auditing as an independent third party. JCT are equally happy to check and audit Transyt, Arcady and Picady models. Audits can be presented as formal reports to customer specified formats.

Please note that in order to reduce abortive work and costs, we will be happy to report serious errors and agree to halt or postpone the checking/audit process at the customers’ request.

JCT have over 20 years experience of preparing and auditing/checking traffic impact evaluations for/from local authorities and developer consultants using Transyt, TranEd, LinSig, Arcady and Picady. The JCT audit team comprises Simon Swanston, Stuart Hanson and John Nightingale. JCT developed this specialist service in acknowledgement that many Development Control offices either do not hold, or have immediate access to skilled and experienced officers familiar with the junction software products used to model existing and/or mitigate proposed development impact. As specialists in junction control, software training, junction design and audit, you can at all times be confident that our audit team comprise only highly trained day-to-day users of the LinSig, Transyt, Arcady and Picady software. In addition, and most importantly, all team members have a wealth of on-site experience observing and measuring traffic behaviour at junctions.

Types of Audit

Bespoke Audit/Technical Note

JCT can offer a detailed audit service, where the job is priced based on the specified job, and we will provide a technical note describing any issues arising. JCT can update the model based on any issues noted during the audit and show the impact of these changes on the results. This service might be required when the modelling is complex, there are multiple models to check, data processing needs to be checked (for example, checking any calibration / validation) or it is expected that significant e-mail support will be required following the audit.

LinSig 3 MOT

This is a streamlined audit service, where JCT will offer an independent review of a model. The purpose of the LinSig MOT is to provide a cost-effective service and give confidence to our Client that there are no significant errors (or assist them in identifying any significant errors that may be present).

Included in a LinSig 3 MOT:

  • An Audit Checklist, where errors / areas of concern are noted.
  • The audit checklist will be provided as a pdf. However, it can also be provided as a protected Excel spreadsheet, where the Modeller can include comments on the issues raised.
  • Any e-mail support to clarify any of the audit comments made
  • Updating the model based on our findings (optional, additional fee)
  • Revisiting the audit after the modeller makes any amendments (optional, additional fee)

Not Included in a LinSig 3 MOT:

  • Review of any data input processing (such as processing of traffic flows, site observations for calibration / validation). If this data is available, spot checks may be conducted if necessary, but it is the responsibility of the modeller to ensure this data is accurate.
  • Declaring a model as fit for purpose. The MOT can be used to assist in determining this, but it is still the responsibility of the modeller to justify input parameters used.
  • Getting involved in ongoing disputes regarding the modelling. Although we are happy to help in any way we can, a separate quotation would be required if ongoing support was necessary. However, it is hoped that an MOT will help identify and address concerns at an early stage so that future discussions related to the modelling will be alleviated.

Typical LinSig 3 MOT Costs (ex. VAT)

Single Junction (T-Junction / Crossroads), one stage stream:
MOT: £350
Update Model: £120
Follow Up MOT: £170

Signal Network (2-3 junctions):
MOT: £595
Update Model: £220
Follow Up MOT: £275

Signal Roundabout (up to 5 arms):
MOT: £495
Update Model: £180
Follow Up MOT: £220


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