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Expert Advice

Over 20 years JCT Consultancy has:

  • specialised in traffic signals dealing with all design and operational matters
  • been the largest provider of traffic signal training courses in the UK
  • provided LinSig and other software, enabling industry best practice
  • since 1995 has organised the annual UK Traffic Signal Symposium

Our consultancy projects involve the detailed operation of existing junctions as well as the implementation of new schemes. This keeps us exposed to all the practical issues and gives us a keen appreciation of road user behaviour at traffic signal junctions and crossings in a wide range of circumstances.

These attributes make JCT a unique and long-standing source of expertise in all traffic signal related matters. This has been recognised by the Department of Transport and the Highways Agency through our involvement in research projects and the promotion of national best practice. We always welcome the opportunity to contribute to initiatives, or participate in projects which promote better ways of using traffic signals.

We are also uniquely placed to give advice on existing traffic signals, and in particular issues of road safety. This may relate to potential danger, an actual accident, insurance claim, or court proceedings. The matter in question can often depend on the most likely sequence of events at the traffic signals, based on how the equipment is normally set to operate, whether it complies with national standards, or in some cases what happens when traffic signals go faulty. We welcome all approaches for advice on such matters and can act as an expert witness if required.

Our consultancy projects often arise with development planning, and we have extensive experience of the junction related work in Transport Assessments. We are particularly aware of the issues that arise at critical traffic signal junctions. Despite the Transport Assessment process, there can be matters that are difficult to agree, and which need to be resolved between the interested parties. We are happy to give advice in such cases, and have often been able to identify satisfactory solutions.


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