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Traffic Modelling

All our modelling services are available at short notice and at very competitive prices. We can deliver fast and robust models without compromising quality.

Traffic models

We can develop and provide traffic models in LinSig, Transyt, TranEd, Arcady and Picady and use these either to report on existing performance and capacity or predict future performance for traffic schemes and development.

Additional services

As well as basic models, we provide a range of model related services on a fully flexible basis.

  • Existing Junctions/Networks - Sometime models are required in circumstances where existing details are incomplete. We can often help fill in the gaps, making site visits as necessary, and checking the validity of the results.
  • Proposed Junctions/Networks - Proposals for junctions and networks may exist only in geometric outline, but we can develop the details required for modelling including signal phasing and intergreen measurement.
  • Technical Reports - As well as model hand-over, we produce technical reports explaining modelling assumptions, tabulating results, drawing conclusions, and highlighting any opportunities for enhancement.
  • Concept Geometric Design - For proposed junctions and networks, we add detail to geometric proposals or produce complete geometric layouts. This can enable the basis of the modelling to be more easily envisaged
  • Ongoing Advice - After completing the initial work, we are always happy to provide ongoing support and justification. We can attend meetings, deal with any criticisms, give presentations, or prepare more formal representations.


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