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There are various resources including technical papers, presentations and articles that have been compiled by JCT's staff, both individually and in collaboration with others; we have made many of these available for visitors to download here. There are also additional resources authored independently that are either relevant to JCT's Consultancy services, Training courses, or our Software products.

Please Note: Double asterisks (**) indicate publications referenced in our Junction Audit Seminar.

Publications and technical papers

from 2018

Unequal Lane Usage in ARCADY using Junctions 9, August 2018, Simon Swanston download / view

from 2011

New Improvements in LinSig3.1 - Signalling Change TEC March 2011, Paul Moore download / view

from 2010

Signal Design The Right Way TEC April 2010, John Nightingale download / view

from 2009

Kiwis Call it a Jelly Bean We Call it a Signalled Roundabout! JCT Symposium, Hatfield, September 2009 Barbara Chard download / view

Signal Controlled Roundabout Methodology and its introduction to NZ at Welcome Bay, Maungatapu and Brookfield roundabouts in Tauranga North Island, November 2009 Barbara Chard download / view

from 2008

Fixed Time vs Single Stream MOVA Control on a signalled roundabout. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2008 and as printed in TEC Journal November 2008 Helen Simmonite download / view

** Transport Assesment Health Warning. Address the slipping standards of traffic impact submissions or risk damaging the public purse. TEC April 2008 Vol 49 No. 4. Barbara Chard download / view

from 2007

LinSig for Signalled Roundabouts. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2007 Dr. Douglas Reid, Brian Simmonite download / view

from 2006

Cutting Corners at Bardills. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2006. Barbara Chard, Stuart Beniston download / view

The Network Management Duty at Junctions. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2006. Dr. Douglas Reid download / view

Joined Up Traffic Modelling with LINSIG V2. TEC Journal September 2006. Paul Moore download / view

from 2005

Doing it Backwards: An innovative Signal Control Solution for a very small Roundabout in East Kilbride. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2005. Barbara Chard download / view

LINSIG for Windows - Twenty years on. TEC Journal, April 2005 Paul Moore download / view

from 2004

New Developments to LinSig for Windows. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2004. Paul Moore, Peter Cheng download / view

Using Phase Timings in a TRANSYT Network. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2004. Brian Simmonite download / view

Independent Assessment of FlowRound . JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2004 Richard Bishop of White Young Green Consulting (Leicester) download / view

Development of Displaced Right Turn Intersection (04-4411). 83rd Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, January 2004 (note this won a Best Paper Award from the TRB. Brian Simmonite(JCT) and Marcus Chick (Parsons Brinckerhoff) download / view

TranEd Version 2 aids the study of complex signal designs. TEC Journal January 2004 Paul Moore, Peter Cheng download / view

pre 2004

The development of the Displaced Right Turn junction. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2003 Marcus Chick (Parsons Brinckerhoff), Brian Simmonite (JCT) download / view

Modelling MOVA Control. TEC Journal September 2003. Damian Meehan download / view

Puffins At Junctions. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2003. Brian Simmonite download / view

Signal Controlled Roundabouts - Breaking the Rules. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 2002. Omero Riccomini, Barbara Chard download / view

** To Slip or not to Slip. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 1999. Barbara Chard download / view

Flares and Giveways at Signalled Roundabouts. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 1999. Barbara Chard download / view

Gap Creating Signal Control Methodology. JCT Symposium, Nottingham, September 1998. Barbara Chard download / view

** Arcady Health Warning: Account for lane usage or risk damaging the Public Purse. TEC Vol 38 No. 3 March 1997. Barbara Chard download / view


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