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2010's Symposium Feedback

A message from Helen Robinson:

Thank you to all the sponsors, exhibitors and delegates, we hope to see you all again next year on the 21st and 22nd September 2011!

Feedback from delegates

We are always trying to make the Symposium & Exhibition better and consequently we are always grateful for the feedback we get from our delegates and we do appreciate the time people take to fill out our feedback forms at the end of each event - thankyou. We have included practically all comments below whether good or bad, although in some cases elements of feedback have been combined together with some common requests that we are often unable to fulfill and the reason why this is so; these are shown below feedback comments. If you took the time to make comments in the feedback form it should either be shown below, be essentially duplicated by someone else's comment below or it should be covered in the requests section.


Where possible the comments have been included in full, although where more than one comment is addressing the same issues, we will try and combine them together:

  • A very well organised and interesting symposium

  • Keep up the good work

  • Very good event although the auditorium used last year was better

  • The papers were really good this year. Both papers for Brian's award were excellent. Also the talk from Newcastle University was excellent. Well-done to all of the team at JCT for a great effort

  • Very good again, well organised


We have also received a few requests or suggestions that we will endeavour to address next year if possible.

  • Some of the papers were hard to hear, perhaps not all speakers had a mic or the volume was too low at time
    All speakers were given mics although this year we did not try and use microphones for the question sessions as it was felt this breaks up the flow of the discussion somewhat. It is often difficult to get the sound levels exactly right for everyone; some people speak more or less clearly than others and some people have better or worse hearing than others.

  • More focus on asset management, maintenance and site management please?
    We will try and feature more on this next year if possible - our overall goal is to include just about as much as we can about all areas of traffic signals although this depends very much upon the selection of material that people submit to us for inclusion. If you know of a few likely sources that you think could contribute in an area that interests you then let us know.

  • A bit more flexibility built in to the timing to allow discussion to expand when necessary please?
    We always try to permit as much opportunity for discussion and questions as we can although there are often other timing constraints that we must bear in mind in order for the Symposium and Exhibition as a whole to run smoothly.

Additional feedback

If you have any additional feedback, comments, criticisms or suggestions, please contact us and let us know.


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