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Understanding and Optimising Mobile Technologies for traffic and transportation applications (Exploring and appreciating the technical components, how to improve connectivity and reliability and how to enhance your cellular projects.)


This course is delivered in association with leading experts in the Mobile Network Field:

Peter Simm & John Lyons - Mobius Networks

Lewis Harvey - Adey Electronics

Hugo Carvalho - Poynting Antenna

This expert group will comprehensively cover the use of Cellular Routers, Antennas & Survey Tools and will advise on the use of Remote Management Platforms. 


Who should attend

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the procurement, management, installation or maintenance of Mobile Network Communications. As the course is delivered in association with JCT the target audience is people working in the Intelligent Transport / Traffic Signals / Variable Message Signs fields or anyone working in a traffic environment but others with any need for training in Mobile Networks will benefit as well.


There are no pre requisites.


Most JCT Courses are either "Approved" by the Institute of Highway Engineers" as recognised Continual Professional Development or are going through the approval process.

Course content


Introduction to Mobile Networks

Structure of Mobile networks, including a look at the individual components and common issues with connectivity and reliability. Easy fixes to boost reliability beyond 99%"


Cellular Routers Masterclass

Deep dive into leading industrial routers, covering important tips and considerations for transportation applications. Explore common configurations/protocols/interfaces, and ensure rock-solid security with VPNs, firewalls, and remote access methods. 


Antennas: Making the right choices…Do’s and Don'ts for your applications

We simplify complex antenna and RF datasheets and turn the dark art of wireless installations, into practical advice and guidance, to improve your experience of cellular antenna installations during the planning phase and in the field. 


4G/5G Survey Tools: Working with what you have!

We look at how signal testers and other tools can provide real-time and historical data for signal strength and quality, helping you identify weak spots, dead zones, or interference, allowing for informed decisions on antenna choice, placement and cabling.


Remote Management Platforms

Practical demonstrations and case studies of how remote management platforms can be used in transportation applications to effectively manage large national deployments.

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