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Use your training basket to pick out courses you want to book (whether you are booking for yourself or on behalf of others) then reserve as many places as you need using our online booking system. The contents of your basket are shown below:-

How to book your training

In order to book your place we will require a reference for a valid purchase order or its equivalent (no financial transactions are processed through this website) - if you have this information you can either:

Please note that a registered account is required to make online bookings - if you are not logged in when you visit the training checkout you should either log in or create your account (there is no charge involved, we just need to know a few things about who you are).

Online bookings can be placed either in your name or on behalf of someone else (or even a collection of others) and the system is quite flexible so that based on the courses in your basket you can specify who is being booked on which course on a person by person basis. It is also possible to book places provisionally over the phone if required.


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12 Mar 2024: LinSig3 : Online Networks and Advanced Features Computer Workshop ...more

13 May 2024: Understanding and Optimising Mobile Technologies for traffic and transportation applications ...more

13 May 2024: Practical Application of MOVA Computer Workshop including the use of MOVA Tools and MOVA Simulation ...more

14 May 2024: Introduction to Traffic Signals ...more

21 May 2024: Online Basic Introduction to Traffic Signals for SCATS based regions (€90 discount for ITS Ireland members) ...more

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