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FlowRound Pricing & Ordering

FlowRound is sold on a site Licence basis. The cost of the licence is dependent on the number of Computers on the specified site onto which FlowRound will be installed.

  • A Single Computer installed at one site £595.00+VAT

  • Up to Four non-networked Computers installed at one site £863.00+VAT

  • Up to Ten non-networked Computers installed at one site £1130.00+VAT

  • Unlimited Networked Computers installed at one site £1463.00+VAT

  • A Single PC multi-site Roaming Licence(for laptops) £595.00+VAT

Multi-Site Discount

If an organisation purchases more than one FlowRound site the following discounts can be claimed: -

Number of Sites 2 3 4 5+
Discount(%) 10 15 20 25

The site discount for the total number of sites licensed (including the ones being purchased) will be applied to all new sites provided all new sites are ordered together. Otherwise discounts will be applied incrementally for each order. Single PC Roaming licences do not form part of a site and therefore are not eligible for and do not contribute towards site discounts.

Please Note that all discounts are strictly dependent on payment within 28 days from the date of delivery or invoice (which ever is later) and this payment criteria must be stated on your official order form in order for discounts to apply.

Increasing the size of a Site Licence

The cost of increasing the size of a Site Licence is the nett difference between the current list prices of each licence. For example to increase a site licence from 1PC to 4PC is exactly £400.00+ VAT. and to increase from 1PC to a 10PC licence at a site would be £800.00 + VAT. Multi-site discounts are not available on licence size increases therefore when initially purchasing the software it is always recommended to buy the larger size of site licence if it is likely to be required in the near future as this will maximise discounts available.

FlowRound Software support

Software support is free of charge for the first 12 months on new purchases. A Software Support Agreement must be returned to JCT to use the free software support. After the expiry of the free software support, support will automatically be renewed each year unless cancelled. The agreement is designed only to ensure that future software support does not lapse unexpectedly, because it was not renewed each year. This has caused users delays in the past, just when they have been requiring urgent help. There are no onerous conditions to the agreement – it is easily cancelled, and a reminder notice is sent prior to renewal giving this opportunity.

Support Prices - Per twelve months continuous renewal

Single Computer Site Licence £195.00+VAT.

Four Computer Site Licence £225.00+VAT.

Ten Computer Site Licence £245.00+VAT.

Unlimited Networked Computer Licence at one site £375.00+VAT.

Single PC multi-site Roaming Computer Licence £195.00+VAT.

Discounted Corporate Software Support

If your organisation owns a number of FlowRound site licences, you may be interested in a Corporate Software Support Agreement. This allows you to have one software support agreement covering all sites within your organisation at discounted rates. It also avoids the need to renew separate agreements for each site as and when they expire and ensures that all sites within your organisation have the same access to software support. All sites within an organisation must be included within the agreement. If you would like to change to this new agreement or would like any more information, please contact us for an individual quote.

Recommencing software support after a break

To recommence support again after a period without support, there is a £100 + VAT surcharge on the support renewal prices as listed above.

Overseas Sales

Orders from EU based customers can be zero rated for VAT if ALL the following rules apply:

  • The customer is a business or trading organisation for VAT purposes.
  • A valid VAT number is supplied before invoicing.
  • The software is shipped and invoiced to a customer outside of the UK.

If any of the above rules do not apply we are forced by VAT law to add standard UK VAT at 17.5%. This may possibly be recoverable by the customer from their own VAT authorities.

Non-EU customers will have no VAT added but may be liable to pay import duties to their own customs authorities.

Further information on FlowRound:


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