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quickGreen 2 Licensing and Pricing

quickGreen 2 is licensed per computer. Each computer which has quickGreen 2 installed requires a quickGreen 2 licence. Licences are based on an annual subscription and organisations purchasing multiple licences will receive significant discounts.

quickGreen 2 Pricing

An annual quickGreen 2 subscription costs £150 + VAT. This includes the use of the software and includes software support.

Where an organisation has multiple quickGreen 2 Licences, the following discounts apply:

Please note:

  • Discounted Licences must all be used by employees of the organisation purchasing the licences.
  • Each quickGreen 2 Licence is allocated to an individual computer. Licences can be permanently moved between computers, but this is only permitted for infrequent events such as an employee leaving or their role changing. Licences cannot be frequently moved between computers to give the effect of a floating licence.
  • Licences cannot be used in any kind of virtualised environment in any way that allows a licence to float between multiple computers.

Software Support

A quickGreen 2 subscription includes software support for the subscription period. Software Support includes:

  • Free minor updates to quickGreen 2.
  • Telephone and email support.
  • Unlimited access to quickGreen 2 training materials and courses.

Subscription Renewal

Unless cancelled subscriptions will automatically renew each year on the anniversary of the initial subscription. Where additional licences are ordered during the subscription year these will be co-termed to end on the subscription anniversary. If desired, the renewal anniversary can be set to coincide with renewal of other JCT Consultancy Software such as LinSig. You will be contacted prior to renewal each year to remind you of your right to cancel your subscription.

Perpetual Licences

For organisations that have administrative difficulties processing subscription licences we can alternatively provide perpetual licences with optional annual software support. Please contact us at if you would like a custom quotation for quickGreen 2 perpetual licences.

Upgrading from quickGreen Version 1

Organisations with existing quickGreen Version 1 licences have the following upgrade options:

  • Convert existing quickGreen Version 1 licences to quickGreen Version 2 Subscriptions (Recommended). All quickGreen Version 1 licences owned by an organisation can be surrendered and replaced by the equivalent number of quickGreen Version 2 subscriptions with up to the first 2 years of subscription being free of charge. All quickGreen Version 1 licences must be converted at the same time.
  • Upgrade existing quickGreen Version 1 licences to quickGreen Version 2 Perpetual licences. A discount of 50% of previous total quickGreen Version 1 licence purchase cost will be given against the price of quickGreen 2 perpetual licences. All quickGreen 1 Licences owned by the organisation must be upgraded at the same time for this discount to apply. Please contact us for a quotation and further details.

Please note that one or other of the above options must be applied for all licences owned by an organisation and cannot be mixed.

Quotations and How To Order

Please give us a ring on 01522 751010 or email us on for a quotation or for further information.

Purchase orders can be emailed to

Software delivery is via download from our web site with licence activation being carried out either online or via email.

For customers with a credit account the initial subscription payment is not normally required before licence activation however we reserve the right to request payment before licence activation, or to only activate the licence for a limited period, for new customers or those with a poor credit history. We accept credit cards for urgent orders although a small surcharge applies.

Further information on quickGreen 2:


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