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LinSig 3 Pricing & Ordering

As LinSig is used by many organisations ranging from small single person consultancies up to large local authorities and multi-national consultancies with many offices, our pricing structure is designed to allow for this and charge an appropriate price reflecting the extent of use and facilities provided.

Licence Structure

LinSig is sold on a Site Licence basis with each physical Site requiring its own Site Licence. As explained below discounts are available for organisations with multiple sites. Roaming Licences are not site-based and are treated differently for discount purposes.

Five basic licence types are available:

  • A Single PC Site Licence. This allows LinSig to be installed on a Single PC located at the licensed site.
  • A Four PC Site Licence. This allows LinSig to be installed on up to Four PCs all located at the licensed site.
  • A Ten PC Site Licence. This allows LinSig to be installed on up to Ten PCs all located at the licensed site.
  • An Unlimited Networked PC Site Licence. This allows LinSig to be installed onto any number of PCs at the licensed site provided they are all connected to the local network and can access a central JCT licence server.
  • A Single PC Roaming Licence. This is a special non-site based licence designed for laptop users who wish to use LinSig on their laptops at a number of sites some of which may not have LinSig site licences.

We do not currently offer simultaneous use multi-PC site licences which allow each LinSig licence to 'float' between PCs on a site. If this would be of particular interest to you please contact us as if sufficient demand arises we may choose to offer this licence type in the future. Please bear in mind however that the cost of each floating licence will be higher than for licences locked to a PC reflecting the additional flexibility and facilities provided.

More details of our licensing, particularly for non-standard cases, are available in the Licensing FAQs.

LinSig 3 Pricing

Detailed LinSig pricing is provided for the following two scenarios:

Software Support Pricing

Twelve months Software Support is included free of charge with each completely new LinSig 3 Site Licence. When free support expires paid support is available with a LinSig Software Support Agreement.

Quotations and How To Order

Please give us a ring on 01522 751010 or email us on to request a quotation or to discuss any pricing issues. Orders can be faxed to 01522 751188 or emailed to

Urgent Orders

After ordering LinSig you will be sent a Licence Agreement which must be returned before the software is dispatched. If you require LinSig urgently, please contact us to request that this is done by return. Completed Licence Agreements can be faxed back to us on 01522 751188.

If you need to install LinSig urgently you may download and install the software from the LinSig Demonstration page. LinSig will initially function as a demonstration copy but can be fully activated by email or phone as soon as you're Licence Agreement has been received by us and either payment has been made, or if you have credit account with us, you have sent a written order.

In many cases it is possible for LinSig to be fully licensed, installed and activated within just a few office hours from your initial order.

Payment Terms & Discount Eligibility

Payment can in most cases be made on a 28 day credit account. Many customers upgrading LinSig will have previously had an account set up but please do not hesitate to contact if you wish to check your account status.

Please note that all invoiced discounts are strictly dependent on payment within 28 days from the date of the invoice. If your organisations standard terms of payment are longer than 28 days the acceptance of 28 days payment must be stated on any official order if any discounts are claimed.

Overseas Sales

Orders from EU based customers can be zero rated for VAT if ALL the following rules apply:

  • The customer is a business or trading organisation for VAT purposes.
  • A valid VAT number is supplied before invoicing.
  • The software is shipped and invoiced to a customer outside of the UK.

If any of the above rules do not apply we are forced by UK VAT law to add standard UK VAT at the current rate. This may possibly be recoverable by the customer from their own VAT authorities.

Non-EU customers will have no VAT added but may be liable to pay import duties or other local taxes to their own customs authorities.


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